Support and onboarding

Strong support for successful data capture

The Eyrus experience is designed to give you the full advantage of our platform, flexibly catered to how your team successfully implements new technology into your workflows.

A chart showing the Field Reporting and Daily Logs automated process. Step one: Data capture flexibility; Step two: Real-time insights on the field; Step three: take action with accuracy.

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Platform Capabilities

Flexible features for any size project

Our flexible platform allows you to build as you grow and capture as you go. Our team will walk you through how to capture data, what data you need to capture, and how it can make an impact on your worksite.

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Eyrus' Construction Site Safety Software platform, with bullets that say "Know who is on site quickly; Locate team members by zone; Simplify evacuations"
Eyrus' Zone Management dashboard

Safety and Security Enhancements

Eyrus allows your team to create virtual zones with Eyrus hardware and physical access points. Set access control by zone, by company, or by individual and receive real-time alerts for violations.

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