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Capture workforce data through mobile tools, wearables, access control points and/or readers.


Generate reporting insights on safety, security, attendance, compliance, productivity, and daily report mechanics.

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Manage safety and security, workforce deployment, payroll, and mitigate schedule risk.

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The Eyrus Platform

Improve your understanding of leading indicators to a successful project delivery

Eyrus provides visibility into the right number of the right people at the right time and illuminates insights that will push into the lifecycle of the worksite from construction through facilities maintenance and daily operations.

Inform your workflows and track project efficiency all in one platform

Easily create automated, and comprehensive reports on captured attributes from worker profiles for compliance, daily logs, attendance & timesheets, payroll and more. Inform workflows for key stakeholders every step of the way.

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“Eyrus has a window to workforce productivity on our projects unlike any real time technology available in the marketplace”
Sean Cahill, Senior Vice President, PGP Development
"The owner has access to the data and they easily extract the info they need into automated reports or customizable searches, saving our team valuable time and allowing us to reallocate these daily priorities."
Mike Marshner, Business Development Manager, CAM Construction
"The system provides real-time information today that I would not have otherwise discovered for 4 to 5 months."
Fortune 100 Development Executive
"I knew when key people were coming onto the site in real time."
Max Nellis, Superintendent, Hitt Contracting
"Eyrus allows me the opportunity to consistently and efficiently run OSHA rates by always having the total hours worked readily available."
Cole Campbell, Safety Manager, G.S.P.
"Eyrus has a window to workforce productivity on our projects unlike any real time technology available in the marketplace."
Sean Cahill, Senior Vice President, PGP Development
"I use Eyrus on my projects for the efficiency and insights on construction progress. Time is saved on documentation, and reporting is easier & concise with data being continuously collected onsite."
Billy Frye, Senior Project Manager, Verity Commercial
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