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Eyrus™ provides real-time, accurate, onsite trade resource data and project analytics for the owner, lender, architect, general contractor and subcontractor – available anywhere, any time, from any web-connected device.

Real-Time Trade Resource

Reporting and Analytics

Bad data leads to contentious labor disputes

and costly project delays.

This year, construction costs in the US will exceed more than $1 Trillion. Labor represents approximately half of all construction costs. That's six million tradespeople, at a cost of nearly $500 billion, who are all being tracked and managed with punch cards and clipboards.

Inaccurate data leads to project delays and contentious and costly labor disputes. Accurate and transparent management of onsite trade resources can improve project reporting, reduce the cost and consequences of disputes, help keep projects on schedule, and reduce overall project risk.

The Eyrus™Data Collection Station (DCS) creates an electronic “bubble” through which tradespeople and equipment can pass with ease. The DCS collects real-time, rich trade-resource data at the entry points to the site, then relays that data to the “cloud” for real-time reporting and analytics. Each DCS has back-up battery power and on-site data storage, should our communications link be impaired in any way.


No entry restrictions


Basic personnel and company information for tradespeople and the company they represent are registered with Eyrus™ at the site.

Each tradesperson is assigned an RFID tag that is typically attached to their hardhat or identification badge. The Eyrus™ Data Collection Stations and software do the rest.

Participant Collaboration

Know it all,

through the Eyrus™

real-time dashboard.

The Eyrus™ one-of-a-kind dashboard gives you a real-time, high-level overview of your projects, including detailed reports of hours planned and hours expended, broken down by CSI division, individual company, or tradesperson. You can see at-a-glance which projects and contractors are on schedule and which are falling behind.

Early warnings andTrade Consistency and Safety Indexes

Instead of waiting months, Eyrus™ lets you find out right away if a project is getting behind schedule. Our flexible alert system lets you receive text or email alerts when a subcontractor’s hours are out of alignment with the project plan and schedule. You decide which subcontractors you want to follow and the parameters that you want to track.


The Eyrus™  proprietary Trade Consistency Index (TCI) and Trade Safety Index (TSI) give you at-a glance insight into the overall consistency of staffing on the site and overall safety performance throughout the project.

Early warnings and

Trade Consistency

and Safety Indexes

Trade Resource


The Eyrus™ comprehensive reporting system, allows you to generate trade reports for any, or all, contractors, for any day, or any period of time that you choose. You can see exactly who was on the site, when, and for how long, and you can download your custom reports as printable or email-able PDFs.

A $100 million dollar project can have as much as $5 million in change orders. Half, or more, of that cost is labor. Our Change Order Verification tool allows you to track the subcontractors associated with a change order over the precise time period that you specify. You can output a detailed report of the on-site hours for each vendor listed on the change-order, reducing the costs and consequences of dispute resolution.

Change Order

Labor Verification

Evacuation Support Verification

In the event of an onsite emergency, our site evacuation alert announces the need to evacuate the site. Then our detailed evacuation report  provides a list of exactly who is on the site and their contact info, so that no one gets left behind.

Municipality and Union

Trade Reports

Eyrus™ can help you reap financial benefits by showing the exact percentage of people and companies that meet the requirements for governmental residential

preference programs, small business enterprises programs, and trade union requirements.



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