Need to Access Worker Data in the Field?

Project teams can leverage the Eyrus Visibility App to quickly access worker information, certifications, and how to best care for them in case of an emergency.


View worker data when and where you need it

Eyrus visibility app allows users in the field to verify individual worker profile information and see who is working around them.

Site Security

Guard personnel can use the app to verify
workers arriving on site are allowed to be there

Worker Check In/Out

Guard personnel can use the Eyrus app either on a phone or embedded scan gun to check workers in and out as they enter or exit the site.

Evacuation Verification

As part of the evacuation process, use the visibility app for final confirmation that each worker is accounted for in the case of an emergency.

Access worker profiles in the field

Having information on each worker helps keep
the site safe and secure:

  • Validate workers are allowed to be on
  • Access worker health and emergency
    contact information
  • Access worker equipment usage

See who is working around you

If a project is using BLE for data collection, Eyrus
Visibility app will show who is working around you to help solve immediate issues or safety concerns.

Will the app work with my
existing field devices?

Eyrus will work with any IOS or Android tablet or mobile device.

Eyrus Scan Gun Guardshack

Why would I want to purchase a handheld scanner?

A scan gun leveraging the Eyrus Visibility app makes it easier for a security guard or superintendent to quickly check people in either at an access gate or in a mustering zone.

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