Workforce Visibility for Subcontractors

Eyrus’ workforce data collection platform provides Subcontractors real-time monitoring of how their workforce is being utilized across a portfolio of projects. Bottom Line, Subcontractors need to know where their employees are currently working and how actual hours align with planned hours in a staffing plan.

Take Your Workforce Management to the Next Level

A centralized database of all project workers allows Subcontractors to make informed decisions regarding the costliest element of construction: labor. Subcontractors can reduce their administrative burden by automating manual tasks related to managing their workforce.

Reduce Administrative Costs

Reduce the administrative cost to keep track of worker locations across projects by automating worker check in and out.

Automate Time and Attendance

Leverage mobile phones or check in devices to automatically generate “objective’ and more accurate timesheets and feed payroll systems.

Stay Ahead of Change Orders

Have documented records of where workers are spending time to ensure every hour is accounted for and is verifiable with a GPS timestamp.

Increase Accuracy of Project Estimates

Have “objective” headcount data to more accurately estimate future projects with similar requirements.

Manage Subcontracts

Collect and segregate timesheet data for subcontractors included in your projects.

Reduce Insurance Premiums

By having a centralized workforce database, many Subcontractors are reducing their insurance premiums by monitoring fatigue reports, certification expirations, and other key workforce data.

Standardize Your Process

By deploying a common workforce platform across all projects, Subcontractors can standardize the collection of employee data for more informed decision making.

More Precise Estimating

Leverage recorded hours across a portfolio of projects to better estimate required headcount of future projects.

Leverage Economies of Scale

One worker registration is leveraged across one or many projects.

Subcontractor Evaluation

Evaluate the performance of subcontractors involved in your projects. For example, determine productivity rates by company or measure the consistency of the workforce on your projects.

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Worker Registration & Onboarding

Worker Registration & Onboarding

Jobsite Communications

Jobsite Communications



Evacuation Management & Mustering

Management & Mustering

Compliance Requirements

Compliance Requirements

Scheduling & Productivity Monitoring

Scheduling &
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Safety Analysis & Alerts

Safety Analysis
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Frequently Asked Questions

My General Contractor or Owner typically deploys their own visibility platform.  Do I still need Eyrus?

Subcontractors benefit from a centralised database that provides a complete set of their own worker data across ALL projects. Even though your GCs can share data from their own systems, you will still only have partial information regarding your workforce.

Some of our project work only includes 1-2 workers per site.  Do I still need Eyrus?

With a hardware-less digital badge solution, there is no cost to add project sites to your portfolio of projects making it cost effective for subcontractors to gain complete visibility across all projects, even those with low head-counts.

I do not have company-issued cell phones.  How can I get my employees to use Eyrus on their phone?

Eyrus is designed to support all stakeholders including employees who benefit by having access to their timesheets through the Eyrus app. Having detailed hours tracked across the projects they work on ensures they are paid for the actual work completed.

Can Eyrus pull data from my HR system that has all of our employee data?

Yes, Eyrus can consume employee data from your HR system through either a manual upload or an automated interface that leverages a back end API.

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