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Enable Access Control with NFC Badges

Secure your site and dangerous areas with turnstiles, doors, gate arms, and staffed checkpoints. NFC badges grant access to approved workers and Eyrus records objective time spent on site and in areas.

What is a Near Field Communication (NFC) Badge?

NFC badges send data, such as an access code, over a short distance, allowing workers to tap their badges to a reader and gain access.

How Do NFC Readers Work?

NFC Readers are connected to locks at turnstiles, doors, and gate arms or can be used with scan guns held by security guards. When a badge is tapped or scanned, approved workers will be granted access.

Background checks and drug testing

What Data is Collected?

NFC readers will collect:

  • Which workers are on site
  • How long they are on site
  • Which areas and time spent in area
  • Approved and Denied Access

Can I Use NFC Badges and BLE Badges?

Yes, you may want to collect worker data in areas of the site that are not restricted and muster areas. NFC badges can be enabled to work with both NFC readers and BLE readers. Learn more about BLE Badges >

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the battery life of a NFC Badge?

NFC badges don’t have batteries, so their useful life is not limited.

What skills are required to set up a NFC Reader?

Readers are plug and play if you have an existing outlet to plug in for power. Otherwise, simple 120V hardwiring would be required to power up a reader. WiFi or cellular connections are easy to establish via the reader configuration. Eyrus provides instructions for site teams to integrate the readers into turnstile, door or gate hardware. With some of our turnstile partners, the Eyrus equipment can be installed prior to shipment of the turnstile equipment.

Can I re-use NFC Badges?

Yes, both badges and beacons are reusable and can easily be deactivated from one user profile and then activated against another user profile in Eyrus.

What is the read range of a NFC reader?

Read range is close proximity (within a couple of inches). If you are looking for longer read ranges, you can switch to either a mobile or BLE solution.

How many NFC readers will be needed for my site?

It depends on your site layout and what you are trying to measure. Most sites setup readers at entry points and main points of interest on a site

Can I use both NFC and BLE badges?

Yes, Eyrus offers a “combo” badge that is both BLE and NFC. The best use case for this type of Badge is where you use NFC for an incoming turnstile and BLEs for project zones inside the site. Some users can have simple NFC badges while others might use combo badges.  

Do I have to use an NFC Badge or can I use NFC “stickers”

You can use NFC stickers that can be affixed to either an existing badge or hard hat. We can supply them, or we can confirm what you have will work with Eyrus.

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