Workforce Reporting for All Your Projects

Having one central workforce database across all projects and stakeholders from owners to trade partners drives easier, more accurate, real-time reporting. Quick access to who is on your site, who they work for and how long they are there is a key element to managing any construction project.

Eyrus Workforce Data Portfolio Dashboard
Eyrus provides comprehensive reporting, dashboards and alerts that create valuable insights based on the automated, real-time data collected through our various collection options.   Reports can be based on an entire project or specific to a company, trade or project zone.

Project Dashboards

Eyrus provides a consolidated view of the
workforce through a configurable

  • Total # of Workers on Site
  • Worker Counts by Trade
  • Project Alerts
  • Trade Consistency Indices
  • Weather and Site Camera Integrations

Diversity Reporting

Diversity metrics are important for any project. Eyrus allows for custom attribute tracking to create project specific DEIB reporting.

Compliance Reporting

Leveraging the central worker database, project teams can automate their compliance reporting. This includes supporting prevailing wage requirements or worker representation from local zip codes.

Insurance Reporting (CCIP and OCIP)

With a central worker database and automated time tracking, project teams can easily report site conditions, trades on site, time spent on site, safety incidents, and more.

Productivity Reporting

With the ability to automatically collect data on every worker on site, Eyrus does the work for you providing actuals against your lean schedule.

Certification Reporting

Keep your jobsite safe by monitoring certifications such as OSHA10 and OSHA 30 across the workforce coming to your site. This often leads to insurance premium reductions under both CCIP and OCIP Insurance programs.

Fatigue Reporting

Keep workers safe with a report that highlights workers that have logged too many hours and are at risk of fatigue.

Can I receive Automated Reports?

Through the Eyrus platform you can automate the delivery of any report to either a registered Eyrus user or any external email address.

Are Eyrus Reports Customizable?

Reports can be dynamically built inside of the Eyrus platform, saved as a personal or public template and exported to Excel.

Can I share data with other reporting platforms and dashboards?

Eyrus offers Excel downloads from any report in the system, or you can leverage back-end APIs to extract data into your favorite analytics tool.

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