Communicate Instantly and Account for All Workers

Eyrus empowers you to text all workers, account for workers at muster areas, and quickly locate missing workers during a site emergency.


Evacuation and Mustering Session

During site emergencies, mitigate risk by sending out mass communications and verifying each worker's location on site.

Start Evacuation Session

Initiate evacuation and mustering session from a phone, tablet or laptop

Mass Communication

Each worker on site receives a text message with instructions on where and how to muster.

Interactive Roll Call

Foremen verify workers have reached muster areas. Multiple foremen can be working from various devices at once.

Locate Missing Workers

If during the evacuation session there are workers unaccounted for, the site team can view workers’ last known area.

Post-Evacuation Reporting

Review and download a detailed record of past evacuations.

Add Visual and Noise Alarms to your Evacuation

Integrate fire alarms, lights, and warning sounds into your evacuation sessions.

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