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Workers wear a BLE beacon on their hardhat or a BLE ID badge on their sleeve, which ping against BLE readers positioned at site entry, exit, and in zones. Set it and forget it.

What is a Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) Badge?

BLE beacons and badges emit a Bluetooth frequency to check in with BLE readers positioned on your site. They have low energy requirements, running on coin batteries for years.

How Do BLE Readers Work?

BLE Readers are positioned at entry/exit points and in specific zones of the site that are key work areas or muster points. For power, readers can be directly wired or run off solar.

Background checks and drug testing

What Data is Collected?

Once implemented (only a couple days), the BLE badges and readers will passively collect:

  • Which workers are on site
  • How long they are on site
  • Which areas and time spent in area

This data can be used in real time and as reports cross-sectioned by trade, sub-contractor, area, or any other data collected about workers at registration.

Use During Emergency

BLE badges and beacons also come in handy during emergencies and evacuation. Use the Eyrus Visibility app to track workers arriving at muster areas and to review workers' last known area.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the battery life of a BLE Badge or Beacon?

BLE Badges and beacons have a 4-year battery life.

What skills are required to set up a BLE Reader?

Readers are plug and play if you have an existing outlet to plug in for power. Otherwise, simple 120V hardwiring would be required to power up a reader. WiFi or cellular connections can be established via a reader configuration.

What if I don’t have power on my site?   Can I still use a BLE Reader?

Eyrus offers solar “kits” that can power any BLE reader on site. This includes a full kit of a solar panel, battery and all of the connections.

Can I re-use BLE Badges or Beacons?

Yes, both badges and beacons are reusable and can easily be deactivated from one user profile and then activated against another user profile in Eyrus.

What is the read range of a BLE reader?

Read range is up to 300 ft in diameter based on a line of site to the reader. The range can be reduced based on your project needs.

How many BLE readers will be needed for my site?

It depends on your site layout and what you are trying to measure. Most sites setup readers at entry points and main points of interest on a site

Can I use both BLE and NFC badges?

Yes, Eyrus offers a “combo” badge that is both BLE and NFC. The best use case for this type of Badge is where you use NFC for an incoming turnstile and BLEs for project zones inside the site. Some users can have simple NFC badges while others might use combo badges.  

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