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Digital Badge to Complete Solution

A mobile phone in the hands of workers, with or without the Eyrus app, can weave seamlessly into your data collection plan as a digital badge and timesheet. You can even implement Eyrus using just mobile phones.


Multiple Mobile Solutions

From digital badges to a full suite of tools, Eyrus offers a variety of mobile-enabled scenarios.

Digital Badge

Workers can use a digital badge, either in the Eyrus app or their digital wallet, to access worksites and restricted locations.

Foreman App Check-in

A Foreman or security guard can use the Eyrus Visibility App to check-in and check-out workers on site.

App Free Time Tracking

Workers with a smartphone can scan a QR code or tap their phone against a poster and be prompted to check-in and check-out of worksites.

Worker Self Check-In and -out

Workers can use the Eyrus App to check-in and check-out of worksites. This can also be objectively verified with GPS in the background.

Complete Mobile Solution with GPS

Eyrus can enable a geofence around the site, so that workers with the Eyrus app can be automatically clocked in and out of the site. No badges, readers, or wearables required.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if my project team, subcontractors and others, won’t download the Eyrus App?

Eyrus offers text-based check in options where workers scan a QR code with their phone but don’t have to download the app.

What types of readers do I need if I am using a Mobile Phone Badge?

Project teams can use either NFC posters where workers scan the poster with their phone, or they can use native location services on a phone to automatically check people in once inside a defined project geofence.  

How accurate is a geofence if I am using GPS or Location Services?

It depends on the phone manufacturer and cellular carrier of the phone. For most phones, good to assume +/- 30 ft accuracy in the read range.  

How many readers will be needed for my site?

If you are using location services or a geofence, no readers are required. If you are using an NFC or text based check in option, the number of check in stations will depend on your site layout and what you are wanting to measure.

What are the minimum requirements for using an IOS or Android Phone?

The Eyrus app is compatible across IOS models running iOS 14 or later and Android devices running Android 9 or later.

Can I use both Mobile phone solutions and NFC or BLE?

Yes, Eyrus is designed to offer flexible badging across the workforce. For example, project management personnel can use mobile phones while the direct labor force might use NFC or BLE.

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