Data Collection that Works for You

Eyrus offers flexible data collection from smartphones, access control badges, and wearables to deliver real-time workforce data. Make better decisions regarding safety, progress, compliance, and overall project productivity.

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Technology that works for your project.

The Eyrus platform is built to support data from a mix of smartphones, wearables, and badges, giving you the options to fit your site needs and gain adoption from your workers.

Controlled Site Solutions

Secure your site and dangerous areas with turnstiles, doors, gate arms, and staffed checkpoints.

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Mobile Solutions

Smartphones weave seamlessly into your data collection plan as badges, timesheets, or a complete solution.

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Passive Data Solutions

Wearables stay out of the way while collecting worker time, attendance, and area on site. Set it and forget it.

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Data collection can be layered to provide the most useful data on your site.

Common Data Collection Site Setups

Eyrus’s data collection options fit sites of all sizes and complexities. Implementation is plug and play with remote support included. Get inspired by the examples below or build your own solution using Eyrus' Solution Builder.

This site is fully secure, with badge-restricted access at all entry/exit points. This site also has setup Zones – which restrict access to certain areas of the site, collect time spent in those areas, and function as muster areas during emergencies.

Data Collection Technology

Eyrus NFC Readers restrict access and capture data at all entry/exit activity points, such as:

  • Turnstiles
  • Gate Arms
  • Doors (Site Exterior and/or Site Zones)
  • Hand Scanners (Guard)

Worker Badges

  • Workers access site and zones with NFC badges and/or digital badges for use on smartphones.

Eyrus Software

  • Eyrus Software makes the data easy to access and digest

This site does not require badges to enter, but the GC still wants to have an objective record of when workers come and go from the site. The GC has also set up Zones—which collect data on which areas of the site workers are spending time.

Data Collection Technology

Eyrus BLE (Bluetooth) readers are placed on site:

  • At Entry and Exit points
  • In specific areas and set to a radius to create a zone.

Worker Beacons

  • Workers wear Bluetooth beacons which ping the BLE readers and log entry, exit, and zone data.

Eyrus Software

  • Eyrus Software makes the data easy to access and digest

This site does not require badge access and the GC does not want wearables or zones. However, the GC does want to know, objectively, when all workers enter and exit the site.

Data Collection Technology

  • Eyrus enables a Geofence around the site.
  • Workers have the Eyrus app on their phone which is detected when they enter/exit the site’s Geofence.
  • Eyrus Software makes the data easy to access and digest

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