The General Contractors Guide to Construction Turnstiles

This is a guide to picking construction turnstiles that will deliver enhanced security, automated attendance tracking, enhanced safety compliance, and efficient traffic management on your construction site.

Last Updated: 1-8-2024

Last Updated: 5-15-2024

General Contractors Guide to Construction Turnstiles

The Importance of Construction Turnstiles

Construction turnstiles are crucial for managing site access efficiently and enhancing security measures. Here are a few key reasons why they play a vital role in construction sites:

  • Enhanced Security: Turnstiles help control the flow of people into the construction site, ensuring that only authorized personnel can enter.
  • Improved Attendance Tracking: By logging each entry and exit, turnstiles assist in accurately monitoring who is present on-site at any given time.
  • Safety Compliance: Turnstiles help enforce safety regulations by keeping track of who is on-site, aiding in emergency situations.
  • Deterrence of Theft: By restricting access, turnstiles help prevent unauthorized individuals from entering and stealing equipment or materials.
  • Efficient Traffic Management: Turnstiles help mitigate congestion at entry points, ensuring a smooth flow of workers and visitors.

Types of Construction Turnstiles

Construction turnstiles come in various types to suit different security needs on construction sites. The common types include tripod turnstiles, full-height turnstiles, and waist-high turnstiles.

  1. Tripod turnstiles: These are compact and suitable for outdoor use. They allow for quick and efficient access control.
  1. Full-height turnstiles: Sturdy and secure, these turnstiles are ideal for high-security areas as they prevent unauthorized access from climbing over.
  1. Waist-high turnstiles: These are often used in areas where moderate security is needed, allowing for smooth entry and exit while maintaining control over the flow of people. Each type has its advantages depending on the level of security required for the construction site.
Construction Turnstile Access Control System

Recommended Turnstiles for Construction Sites

The Eyrus team are experts at implementing access control systems for construction sites. Our criteria for turnstiles are as follows:

  • Full height turnstiles for security.
  • Installed securely to a cement footing or a heavy-duty steel base.
  • Incorporates a maglock for connection to an access control system.
  • If site conditions dictate: included roof/canopy for all weather conditions
  • If site conditions dictate: ability to easily move the turnstile as the site evolves.

We have worked with several construction turnstile providers over the years; below are the two turnstile providers that always meet our requirements and we offer to our customers. Consult with us for free on how to implement turnstiles on your site and which provider will work for you.

Construction Turnstile Portals from Secured by MAC

Portable Solutions Group offers MAC Turnstile Portals (, a revolutionary line of security access points that combine robust construction with advanced technology. The MAC product line is designed to enhance safety, security, and compliance on your job sites through the integration of full-height turnstiles with sophisticated access control software.

MAC Construction Turnstile Portals

Key Advantages of MAC Turnstile Portals:

  • Flexible Lane Configurations: MAC turnstile portals can be configured with anywhere from one to ten lanes, ensuring a perfect fit for your specific security requirements. Additionally, select configurations include the option for built-in office space, enhancing functionality and convenience.
  • Optimized Space Utilization: With modular designs available in dimensions ranging from 36 sq ft to 320 sq ft, MAC portals are designed to adapt to both compact and extensive site layouts.
  • Proven Reliability: With a legacy extending over two decades, our MAC Turnstile Portals are recognized for their durability and dependable performance in the field.
  • Enhanced Operational Efficiency: Through partnerships with leading access control providers, MAC portals enable real-time data capture at entry points, significantly improving site management and security monitoring.
MAC Turnstile Portals are the gold standard of the industry – offering unmatched durability and flexibility. You’ll see positive ROI within months, but these portals will perform perfectly for a decade or more.

Construction Turnstiles from Hayward Turnstiles

Hayward Turnstiles ( provides a series of full-height, American-made turnstiles and secure gates that get the job done. The most popular choice from Hayward is the SecureTurn HT431P Portable Full Height Turnstile, which is the perfect marriage of convenience and cost savings. It’s one of the most popular full height turnstiles on the market and mounted directly on a fork-lift ready baseplate. This makes the HT431P a great construction turnstile because construction companies can drop turnstiles into place and easily move turnstile entrances as jobs change shape and evolve.

Hayward Construction Turnstiles

Product Features:  

Materials and finishes in your choice of:  

  • Hot dipped galvanized steel
  • Powder Coat over steel (custom colors available)  

Design & Construction:

  • Tamper proof, rugged design
  • Configurable for right or left-handed entry direction
  • Fully welded exterior components
  • Heavy-duty lifetime construction
  • 3 free safety sleeves with every HT431 purchased  

Turnstile Operation:  

  • Self-centering mechanism with hydraulic shock suppression  
  • Permanently lubricated bearings
Hayward delivers a turnstile that is cost-effective, hardy in the field, and gets the job done.

Benefits of Using Turnstiles in Construction Sites

Turnstiles are an effective way to control access on construction sites. They help manage the flow of workers, allowing only authorized personnel to enter, which enhances security. By using turnstiles, you can keep track of who is on-site easily, reducing the risk of unauthorized individuals causing safety hazards. Turnstiles also help in monitoring and recording attendance, promoting accountability among workers. Additionally, turnstiles can be integrated with access control systems, adding an extra layer of security to the construction site.

Enhancing Construction Site Security with Turnstiles

Security turnstiles are effective tools for controlling access to buildings and facilities. They restrict entry to only authorized individuals and help enhance overall security. Turnstiles come in various types, including tripod, full-height, and optical turnstiles. These turnstiles can be integrated with access control systems for added security measures. Benefits of using turnstiles for security purposes include:

  • Increased control over who enters the premises
  • Deterrence of unauthorized individuals
  • Efficient monitoring of traffic flow
  • Customizable access restrictions based on time and user credentials

Integrating turnstiles into your security setup can bolster your facility's overall safety and provide peace of mind knowing that access is tightly regulated.

Cost Considerations and Return on Investment

Construction turnstiles can vary in price depending on the features and quality you choose. The cost of installation can range from a few hundred dollars to a couple thousand dollars per turnstile. However, these turnstiles offer increased security and efficiency, which can lead to a positive return on investment. The return on investment is achieved through decreased labor costs, improved site safety, and better access control. When considering the cost of construction turnstiles, it's essential to weigh the initial investment against the long-term benefits they provide for your construction site.

Installation Process of Construction Site Turnstiles

Upon installation, construction turnstiles are typically mounted onto the designated entry or exit point of a construction site. The process involves securing the turnstiles firmly to the ground using bolts or concrete anchors. These turnstiles are then connected to a power source for operation. Access control systems, such as keypads or card readers, are integrated with the turnstiles to regulate entry and exit. Installation of construction turnstiles is important for enhancing security and monitoring the flow of personnel in and out of the construction site.

Maintenance Tips for Construction Turnstiles

Regular maintenance is key to ensuring your construction turnstiles operate smoothly and efficiently. Here are some tips to help you keep your turnstiles in top condition:

  • Clean turnstiles regularly to prevent buildup and ensure proper sensor function.
  • Check for any loose bolts or screws and tighten them as needed to maintain structural integrity.
  • Lubricate moving parts to reduce friction and wear, ensuring smooth operation.
  • Inspect the electrical components for any signs of damage or corrosion and replace them as necessary.
  • Test the turnstiles regularly to ensure they are functioning correctly and address any issues promptly to avoid disruptions.

Integrating Turnstiles with Access Control Systems

Turnstiles are gate-like structures that control access to a specific area. Integrating turnstiles with access control systems enhances security by allowing only authorized individuals to enter. This integration enables the access control system to communicate with the turnstiles, granting or denying access based on the credentials provided. Key points to note:

  • Increased Security: Integrating turnstiles with access control systems ensures that only authorized individuals can enter a specific area.
  • Efficient Access Management: By linking turnstiles with access control systems, organizations can streamline the process of managing who can enter restricted areas.
  • Real-time Monitoring: The integration allows for real-time monitoring of access, providing valuable data on who enters and exits a certain area.
  • Customization Options: Access control systems can be tailored to specific needs, such as setting access times or creating different levels of access for individuals.
  • Ease of Use: Integrating these systems provides a user-friendly experience for individuals entering the premises.

Increasing Efficiency and Accountability in Construction Projects

To increase efficiency and accountability in construction projects, incorporating construction turnstiles is crucial. By utilizing turnstiles, you can track and monitor who enters and exits the construction site, enhancing security and ensuring only authorized personnel access the site. This helps in preventing unauthorized individuals from entering restricted areas, thus promoting safety measures. Additionally, turnstiles can streamline the attendance recording process, providing accurate data on the working hours of the workforce. This not only boosts productivity but also aids in managing project timelines effectively.

Conclusion and Future Trends in Construction Turnstile Technology

In wrapping up, construction turnstiles play a crucial role in enhancing security and access control on construction sites. As technology continues to advance, we can expect future trends to focus on improving turnstile efficiency, integration with smart technologies such as facial recognition and biometrics and enhancing user experience through streamlined operations. Keep an eye out for innovations that aim to make construction turnstiles even more secure, user-friendly, and efficient in the coming years.