Want to Automate your Daily Reports?

Automatic collection of worker headcounts makes it easy for foreman and superintendents to complete their daily reports with less effort and improved accuracy.

Eyrus provides an app for both General Contractors and Trade Partners to submit their daily reports. Eyrus automatically captures the hardest part, daily headcounts, and from there, the superintendent or foreman only needs to add the other components of the daily report.

Automated Headcounts

Each superintendent or foreman will only see the
head count related to their trade or company.

Complete Reports

Quickly add other components of the daily report

  • Tasks
  • Notes
  • Photos
  • Questionnaires

Sign & Submit

Eyrus will save the daily reports in our system, email to specified recipients or create a PDF to be stored in your favorite document management system including Procore or Autodesk Construction Cloud.

Approve & Share

Once the daily report is signed and submitted, the GC or project owner can approve the daily report in Eyrus.

Use Procore for Daily Reporting? Eyrus Can Help

Eyrus can automatically pass headcount data into the Procore Manpower logs to increase the speed and accuracy of daily reports. Alternatively, you can update your full daily report to Procore Docs.

Use Autodesk Construction Cloud for Daily Reporting? Eyrus Can Help

Leverage our native integration to Autodesk Construction Cloud to automatically pass completed PDF reports into the project's document repository for easy access by multiple stakeholders.

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