Quickly Address Workforce
Issues with Alerts

Resolve issues proactively by receiving automated alerts. From unauthorized users entering an unsafe zone to terminated workers attempting to access the site, Eyrus has you covered.

Alert types and notified users can be configured in the platform to meet the needs of any project. Alerts are sent via email and text and will be displayed on the project dashboard.

Worker Alerts

Configure alerts based on your project needs. For example:

  • “Unauthorized Person” when a deactivated worker attempts to enter the site
  • “Key Person” when a worker has not been recorded on site for a specified period.

Project Schedule Alerts

Notifications automatically sent when the recorded headcount/hours for a specific contract or trade fall outside of the allowable deviation.

Zone Alerts

Receive an alert when a person enters a zone they are not authorized to enter. Density alerts can also be sent when the zone has reached a designated headcount.

Hardware Alerts

Receive an alert when a the status of a reader has changed to "offline" due to a power failure or network issue.

Can I turn off alerts in the system?

Yes, alerts are optional, and any alert type can at any time be turned off for the entire project or just specific users.

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