Workforce Visibility for Public Agencies

Eyrus’ workforce data collection platform enables Public Agencies to reduce their risk and improve accountability across their projects.  Bottom Line, Public Agencies need to know who is working on their sites, which company they work for and if they are properly trained and certified.

Take control of Your Construction Risk.

Having a centralized database of all project workers allows Public Agencies to make informed decisions and mitigate their risk regarding the costliest element of construction, labor.

Understand who is working on your projects

Through centralized worker database, Public Agencies have a record of who is coming to their jobsites and if they are properly trained and certified.

Manage compliance

Automate reporting of important programs such as OCIP and other programs that require workforce data on the worker’s trainings and demographics

Meet your Diversity Goals

Ensure the project teams deployed on your projects are meeting your company’s DEIB goals.

Keep your Jobsites Safe

Have tools in place to quickly communicate and muster workers should an incident occur on one of your jobsites.

Validate Claims and Change Order

Have objective worker data to backup or validate any contractor claims or change orders that might occur.

Reduce Insurance Premiums

By having a centralized workforce database, many Public Agencies are reducing their insurance premiums by monitoring fatigue reports, certification expirations, etc  

Standardize Your Process

By deploying a common workforce platform across all projects, Public Agencies are now able to analyze labor data at the portfolio level for more informed decision making.

Contractor and Sub-contractor Metrics

Evaluate the performance of contractors by reviewing trade consistency indexes TCM, schedule adherence (projected vs actual hours), and compliance metrics.

Estimate New and Compare Existing Projects

Leverage recorded project hours by trade to help estimate future and compare the performance of existing projects across your portfolio.

Leverage Economies of Scale

One worker registration is leveraged across one or many projects.

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Purpose Built for Public Agencies

Worker Registration & Onboarding

Worker Registration & Onboarding

Jobsite Communications

Jobsite Communications



Evacuation Management & Mustering

Management & Mustering

Compliance Requirements

Compliance Requirements

Scheduling & Productivity Monitoring

Scheduling &
Productivity Monitoring

Safety Analysis & Alerts

Safety Analysis
& Alerts

Public Agencies We Serve

Eyrus’ scalable solution can be easily deployed across projects of all shapes and sizes. Eyrus platform was developed with valuable input from the Public Agencies listed below.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Shouldn’t my General Contractor or CM firm purchase Eyrus?

They can but our Public Agency clients find significant benefits when they define the solution and data collection to meet their long-term needs. The Eyrus solution deployed for the construction phase can also be leveraged to support ongoing asset operations.

I am under a lump sum contract, why should I care about the workforce on my project?

Even under a lump-sum contract, Public Agencies still benefit from understanding who is on their sites.  From objective productivity monitoring to compliance reporting, Public Agencies need to know how the project is performing and need the workforce data to minimize risk.

What project size is too small for Eyrus?

Public Agencies using Eyrus benefit from the insights and analytics provided for small renovations through large new capital projects. Knowing who is on your site still matters for projects of all sizes.

Can I get my contractors and sub-contractors to participate in Eyrus?

The easy (and probably obvious answer) is to write the use of workforce visibility into your contracts. However, contractors and sub-contractors significantly benefit from the automated data collected and safety functionality provided by Eyrus. Each company can be given Eyrus access to see project data for only their component of the overall workforce.  

Do I have to have a project with turnstiles to use Eyrus?

No, in fact a majority of our projects don’t leverage turnstiles, manned guard shacks or gate controllers. By leveraging BLE or mobile data collection devices, we can still provide valuable project insights without the investment in turnstiles.

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