Worker Data Solutions for Projects of All Sizes

Construction projects of all sizes have one thing in common—workers drive safety, schedule, and cost. Eyrus collects workforce data so you can monitor progress, stay compliant, communicate faster, and keep workers safe.

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Problems Solved

Eyrus is designed to be flexible to meet the specific needs of each project. Based on project size and stage, configure the solution that works best and then expand and contract over time.

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Worker Registration

Eyrus expedites worker registration and onboarding and creates accurate worker profiles to power automated data collection across your worksite.
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Access Control

If your whole site and/or portions of your site are secure, only give access to registered workers with the proper certifications.
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Time and Attendance

Eyrus leverages IoT data from badges, wearable beacons, and phones to provide objective reports of time spent on your site.
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Evacuation & Mustering

In the case of emergency, Eyrus can quickly communicate with all workers on site and provide automated or manual roll call capabilities at muster points.
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Worker communication

Worker Communication

Quickly communicate with workers via text. Send messages to workers currently on site or to specific groups of workers.
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productivity reporting

Productivity Reporting

Eyrus automates the collection actual on-site hours that can be compared to planned hours in a CPM or Lean schedule.
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Eyrus is Easy to Implement Across Your Sites

Eyrus is not another solution that takes weeks or months to implement. With 3 easy steps, most clients are up and running in a few days.

Register Workers and Assign Badges

Quickly and easily register workers and assign badges in just a few steps:

  1. Worker completes self-registration, starting with a link or QR code.
  2. Worker enters required information, certifications*, and completes safety onboarding*.
  3. Worker completes background check* and drug test*, if required.
  4. Registration is approved and badge is assigned.

*Options - configurable based on your project requirements.

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Collect, Analyze, and Communicate

  • Communicate with workers via text
  • Automate timesheets and reports
  • Push data to project management and scheduling platforms.
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Define your site and data collection methods

Eyrus provides a flexible mix of app and hardware to adapt to your site and project requirements:

  • Is your site secure and require access control?
  • Do you want to know how long workers spend in certain areas?
  • Do you want to define muster points for automated role call during emergencies?
  • What is your average daily attendance?
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Eyrus feeds objective worker data into the most popular project management and scheduling software platforms.

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Compare objective and forecasted worker deployment against your schedule.

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Access current or historical attendance per sub or division, safety features & alerts, workforce reports and data for cross platform comparisons.

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With the Eyrus Procore integration, headcounts and man hours will automatically be updated in your Procore Daily Log.

"The system provides real-time information today that I would not have otherwise discovered for 4 to 5 months."
"I knew when key people were coming onto the site in real time."
"Eyrus allows me the opportunity to consistently and efficiently run OSHA rates by always having the total hours worked readily available."
"Eyrus has a window to workforce productivity on our projects unlike any real time technology available in the marketplace."
"I use Eyrus on my projects for the efficiency and insights on construction progress. Time is saved on documentation, and reporting is easier & concise with data being continuously collected onsite."
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