Live Video Monitoring

24/7 Construction Site Video Monitoring

Your one stop solution for video surveillance and live construction video monitoring for all your jobsites.

Video Surveillance and Live Security Monitoring for All Your Construction Sites

Construction Live Video Monitoring

- 24/7 monitoring service gets alert and views camera feed for verification.
- Service connects to speaker and light to engage detected threat as needed.  
- Service follows customizable SOP for next steps (engage site contact and/or police).
- Service reviews every camera daily.
- Service agents are all located in Texas.
- UL Certified  

Real-Time Video Viewing

The live feed of all cameras on site are integrated into your Eyrus Project Dashboard.

Time Lapse Viewing

View and share a time lapse view of construction progress from multiple angles.

The Security Monitoring Solution for Builder’s Risk Insurance

Eyrus’s Video Security Monitoring solution checks all boxes for Builder’s Risk Insurance and Wood Frame Construction Insurance:
- 24/7 Security Cameras  
- Motion, Vehicle, Person Alerting  
- Image Zoning to reduce false negatives  
- Talk down capabilities  
- Alert Strobe light  
- AC power with 8 hours of backup battery  
- Cellular connectivity  
- UL certified schedulable monitoring in USA/Canada

Set Up and Service Overview

Here are the steps we’ll take to make your site secure and keep your site secure:
- Consult and Create Site System Layout  
- Purchase or Lease Security Cameras Package  
- Install System with Cellular Connectivity  
- Introduce Site Monitoring Service Agents
- Train Your Team on Eyrus Software Platform

Live Monitoring of all Your Projects in One Platform

View all projects, cameras, and current site information from your Eyrus Portfolio Dashboard.

See How Eyrus Could Work for Your Site.

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