Monitor or Control
Specific Project Areas

It is important for some projects to know who is working in different project areas. For example, who is working in building A vs building B or who is currently working on which floor of a 20-story building. Zone management in Eyrus allows project teams to easily collect this data.


Setup Zones in Eyrus to gather site specific data

Eyrus can be set up to restrict access and capture data in specific areas of your site.

Entire Site Zones

In a non-access-controlled environment, the entire project can be established as a “zone”. This allows for time & attendance capture without having to implement turnstiles or staff guard shacks.

Unsafe Zones

A restricted safety zone can limit who can access certain areas or an unrestricted safety zone can send alerts if an unauthorized person enters the unsafe or hazardess area.

Mustering Points

One or more mustering areas can be established on a project recording which workers have entered the zone. A final scan confirms that the worker is safe and accounted for.

Project Areas

Time and attendance can be captured based on
specific geographic areas of a project. This could be a permanent or temporary building or any geo location on a project.

Project Floors

Time and attendance can be captured by floors of
a vertical building structure.

Can I Create Timesheets by Zone?

Yes – time and attendance reporting can be created by zone to give you accurate time spent in each location.

Do Zone alerts go to both email and cell phones?

Yes – System based alerts are displayed in the Eyrus dashboard as well as through email and text notifications.

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