Worksite Management for Construction

Understand critical worker, workforce and worksite information in real-time to make impactful decisions, quickly.

Ensure Security and Safety with zone management and simple access control

Create areas of interest through Zones, tracking access and density. Add additional layers of security with access control, or primary gates and entrances.

Get better insight into workforce deployments to monitor schedule deviations

Integrate with Oracle P6 to connect your resource loaded schedule matching contracts in Eyrus. Track deployment against your forecast directly in the Eyrus dashboard which provides you with key workforce analytics. Have visibility into schedule delays before they happen to save you time on the projects future.

Centralized Workforce Database

Create a fully customizable registration process, and then report on specific attributes such as OSHA certifications, zip code, timesheets and more. Save and average of 160 hours on administrative time per project, per month.

Daily Reporting & Field Productivity updated in real-time

Using Axon, create an easy submitter and reviewer process for your field teams to verify workforce information captured by Apex. Subcontractors and Self-Performers can easily submit daily information including progress percent complete, safety information and updated photos and notes. Give the power to Superintendents and Project Managers as a reviewer to view all submitted logs, submit walkthroughs and verify workforce counts.

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