Workforce Management for Technology Companies

Understand the impact on the workforce on the lifecycle of your asset during construction, and through facilities maintenance.

Access Control built the way you need it incorporating doors, turnstiles, gates and zones for safety and security

Customizing your access control is simple, and updated in real-time with the Eyrus platform. Using NFC card readers at Doors and Turnstiles, information is captured and access granted quickly and in real-time. Create virtual access settings through zone management, and use our Visibility app to establish specific perimeters of control that can be verified by team members in the field.

Monitor density and contact tracing easily

Using SafeProx,  alerts can be created for workforce that is within 6 to 8 ft. of other badges. Also, create anonymous contact tracing reports. With Zone management, you can monitor density of employees within certain areas to view attendance in real-time.

Alert Capabilities

Based on the created access control permissions, Eyrus provides the ability for custom alerts if people access unauthorized zones. These alerts are sent in real-time via mass text messages for rapid response by the security or safety team.

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