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The Eyrus platform can be customized to suit the size, stage and industry of your site. Mix and match our data collection options to create a custom solution below.

Data Use

The workforce data Eyrus collects can be used in your Project Management and scheduling software. Which platforms do you use?

Site Security

Which best describes your site?

Secure Access
All entry and exit points require secure access.
Unsecure Access
Entry and exit points are unrestricted.

Access Control Method

Select one or more of the following needed for secure entry:

Turnstiles Image
Doors Image
Arms Image
Guardshack Image

Smartphone Badges

Would you consider having workers use their phone as a digital badge and/or to review their time sheets?

Yes Phone Image
Yes, I would consider having workers
use their phones.
No Phone Image
No, I don’t want workers
use their phones.


In addition to knowing who is on site, you can set up zones to monitor general worker location, muster zones, where they spend time and/or restrict different areas of your site. Select all that apply.

Workers Area Image
I want to know what areas workers are spending time.
Restrict Access
I want to restrict or limit access to certain areas.
Locate Workers Image
I want to locate workers at muster areas during safety events.
I don’t need to set up zones, I just want to monitor the overall site.

Project Information

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