Access Control

Simple access management for complex situations

Comprehensive security solution encompassing both access control and workforce visibility in an easy and flexible way.

Access Control created for your specific needs

Integrate with your turnstiles at main gates, manually check-in workforce as they come onsite, or restrict access to zones using automatic locks.

Real-time text alerts

Generate alerts to keep key stakeholders informed for various security efforts such as:

  • Key person on site
  • Access violations
  • Density Thresholds

Access Control made easy on site with the Visibility App

The Eyrus Visibility app offers multiple access control modes depending on the desired security level which include check in/out functionality or zone-level access based on the individual permissions set from Apex. People can be granted or denied access directly from the app by scanning an NFC badge or from an in-range Bluetooth badge.

These access control events are automatically synced to the Eyrus Cloud for workforce management purposes and record-keeping.

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