Field Reporting

Field Reporting

Create a consolidated project snapshot for the day for Superintendents, Safety Teams, and Foreman with real-time daily logs, attendance and safety reports.

Make the Field Team's daily reporting a lot easier.

Quickly view automated data from the Eyrus platform that is magically pre-populated for the field team in real-time. Using Eyrus Data Capture methods, on-site information can be verified easily between the Reviewer (GC) and Submitter (Site Teams), making walkthroughs a breeze.

Site Teams submit information directly from the field.

Details that the team will need to fill out are pre-populated for their daily report per project. Verify attendance, enhance with photo's, add additional feedback, and create custom safety reporting questions for an easy way to finish out the day's reporting.

Verification is made simple on any size project.  

The Reviewer can see all the daily reports submitted from the field along with any walkthrough reports. Attendance is populated for the field to compare what has been reported. Reviewers can create daily logs, safety reports and more and gain full PDF of all daily reports and summarized information. From a tenant fit-out, to a large data center, any size project can benefit from quick field to office workforce collaboration.

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