Eyrus is excited to announce we're an Inc 5000 Award recipient!

Safety Reporting for Worksites

Real-time notifications, and trackable attributes to ensure jobsite safety protocols.

Evacuation Notification and Tracking using real-time site attendance

Start real-time Evacuation Sessions to verify attendance at muster zones easily through the Apex app.

Mass Communication Methods

Use Mass Text Messaging to send announcements such as evacuation information or safety updates per team. Also available are real-time alert text messages for

  • Key person on site
  • Access violations
  • Density Thresholds

SafeProx Badges & Contact Tracing

The SafeProx multifunction badge combines Eyrus’ contact tracing and workforce management wearables into one lightweight badge. In addition to providing workforce visibility, SafeProx can accurately detect nearby badges within just a few centimeters using ultra wide band (UWB) technology.

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