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Get critical real-time workforce data to know what’s impacting your worksite

Inform your project teams workflows, easily, using the combination of Eyrus Data Capture and Software.

Build as you grow and capture as you go

The Eyrus Platform allows complete workforce visibility and daily reporting for all worksite stakeholders.  

Build a package based on your workflow needs

Customize your own flexible data capture needs by building the Eyrus platform as your project progresses, and pricing requirements.

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Eyrus Integrations

Eyrus integrates with popular software to make sure your worksite runs smoothly.

By using the integration between Oracle Primavera P6 scheduling software, and the Eyrus Workforce Visibility platform, construction projects can elevate their understanding of forecasted workforce deployment against your schedule.

Simply upload your resource loaded project file exported from P6, map your contracts in your file to the ones that exist in eyrus, once that happens your forecast will be automagically updated based on the information in the file.

With the Eyrus Procore integration, headcounts and man hours will automatically be updated in your Procore Daily Log. This integration will save time on-site by decreasing administrative duties and reducing manual data entry.

Users match their Procore project to their Eyrus project under “Integrations” in the Eyrus platform. Eyrus sends real-time headcounts per subcontractor to the Procore Daily Log as the workforce data is automatically collected from the site. At the end of the day, Eyrus sends the total daily man hour information to the Procore Daily Log.

Complete your level of construction intelligence with easy access to Eyrus real-time workforce information through the BIM 360 integration. Access current or historical attendance per sub or division, safety features & alerts, workforce reports and data for cross platform comparisons.  

Eyrus provides simple, seamless solutions that enhance workforce insight to support the team in delivering projects on time and on budget.

Touchplan allows you to pull plan and visualize your project. Eyrus automatically manages worker registration, onboarding, certifications, and tracks time spent by sub-contractor and by trade.

Integrate Touchplan and Eyrus, and you will know hours tracked vs. forecast and objective time tracked for payroll. Take full control of your project planning with Touchplan and Eyrus.