3.15.1 - Subscribe people to specific alerts

December 1, 2021

Different people across the project might need to have specific, up-to-date information. Now, people can be subscribed to specific alerts and only receive text messages from the alerts that are relevant to them.

Note that only alerts that are turned on will be displayed and available to subscribe to.

Custom registration fields requests

Three new fields have been added to the system:

  • COVID-19 Vaccinated - Type: Yes/No - Profile section: Health
  • Supervisor Name - Type: open text - Profile section: Project attributes
  • Photo upload - Aside from including a photo URL in the self-registration process, people now have the ability to upload a picture from the device's camera roll. In order to optimize for profile picture display and badge printing, we recommend that people take square photos from the device and then select those pictures from the camera roll, instead of taking the picture directly from the registrations app.

Fixes and improvements

  • NFC Dual and Quad readers now display the `same as reader` option.
  • The `Active Tags` and `Deactive Tags` columns have been removed from the Timesheets report due to a previous bug.
  • Registration field updates.
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